Public Opinion Survey

Yarden Gazit,
Corinne Sauer,
Robert M. Sauer

June 2012

JIMS published the results of a national survey of polite and courteous behavior. The report provides original data revealing  which Israelis are the most polite and which least.  The report showed that being polite has a large payoff, bringing increased income and substantially higher earnings. Since politeness pays, Israelis may wish to start asking forgiveness all year round.

Corinne Sauer,
Yarden Gazit

January 2011

The Israel Panel Study of Opinion Dynamics (IPSOD) asked 989 respondents who represent the Jewish population of Israel to rate their level of trust in the heads of 13 national institu­ tions. Based on their answers, each institution was given a “trust score” ranging from 1 (respondent does not trust) to 7 (respondent fully trusts).

Yarden Gazit

May 2015

Most parents under 35 do not believe in public education, consider sending their children to private schools, a new survey reveals

56% of Israelis under 35 believe that the quality of public education has deterioratedin recent years, according to a Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS) survey. JIMS found that 58% of parents under 35 either send or have considered sending their children to private schools. In addition, 52% of young Israelis support a school voucher program, in which the state education budget would be distributed among parents who would choose and fund their child's school.