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Under Chile's Pension Savings Account (PSA) system, what determines a worker's pension level is the amount of money he accumulates during his working years.

Business Meeting

Executive Salaries in Israel​

Executive Salaries: Why is it a bad idea to limit them?", this paper reviews the academic literature in Israel and abroad showing  that executive pay is strongly correlated with firm performance.

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The Ministry of Industry allocates over NIS 600 million annually for training programs whose efficiency has never been truly examined. The paper shows that most of the graduates of these state courses do not work in the professions for which they received training.


Approximately  30  percent  of  senior citizens in Israel would want to continue working but they are forced out by mandatory retirement. Their net total  employment  would  be  worth  NIS  6.4  billion in income. 

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Compulsory Arbitration in Disputes in the Public Service​

In 2010, the economy lost some 168,000 working days due to strikes, nearly 70 percent of them in the public sector.

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Foreign Workers in Israel

The paper argues that foreign workers are good for Israel's and that reducing their numbers will harm the local economy.

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