Ori Katz

March 2014

JIMS recommends increasing private care in public hospitals ahead of the decision of the German Committee,chaired by Minister of Health Yael German. The majority of the public believes that private care in public hospitals, and the treatment of medical tourists, comes at the expense of Israeli patients. JIMS claims that, to the contrary, strengtheing private health care within the public system increases the ability of public hospitals to retain senior physicians and balance budgets.

Corinne Sauer,
Robert M. Sauer

This paper argues that drugs are expensive not because of a lack of competition among research-based pharmaceutical companies, but because of a lack of competition in the drug approval process. Lack of competition in the drug approval process has led to exceedingly high drug development costs. High drug development costs combined with artificially low drug prices, obtained through price control legislation and legislation that eases the entry of generic products into the market.

January 2005