Overpriced Milk

Consumers paid an extra 33% for dairy products due to strict import restrictions. In a Free Trade environment, Israeli families would save 1139 NIS a year on their dairy supermarket bill

Banana bunches

Why are bananas so expensive?

Local producers are protected by import restrictions that reduce competition and drive the price higher. On average from 2014 to 2018, Israelis paid an extra 90% for their banana

Taxi (2).jpg


Ridesharing services should be allowed in Israel to compete with traditional taxis. Competition could lead to 30% savings for consumers.

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Costly Agricultural Subsidies

An average household at the bottom 20% of the income distribution spends an extra 1,166 shekels a year on food expenditure due to agricultural subsidies. Reducing indirect subsidies could save Israeli consumers up to 3 billion Shekels annually.

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Opening the banking market to competition

The lack of competition in the Israeli banking allows local banks to charge fees up to four times the amount charged by international banks abroad. 

Pot on Gas Burner

Without competition, Israeli consumers overpay 150 million NIS for cooking gas 

Effects of Price Control on Books

Olive Oil: 

Monopoly and High Prices

Car Insurance: Market Failure or

Over Regulation?

Honey Monopoly